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Travellers have left Botley Recreation Ground
The vehicles and vans have left the Botley Recreation Ground, leaving behind several mounds of 'detritis'.  This will be cleared as soon as possible.  An initial inspection shows that there is longer term damage to several grass areas of the recreation ground, particularly to the main football pitch.  
Further detail inspections will be carried out.
Parish Council Election - Thursday May 6th 2021

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Results of uncontested Election
The new council convenes on Tuesday 18th May
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Coe & Coe

We have been in the Graphics and Reproduction Industry for the last 20 years, working for a variety of companies including Allders International and B&Q.

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We started in retail Interior Design designing shop layouts for places like Heathrow Airport, QE2 and Oriana II. Then we took on Gaphic Design producing corporate documentation, brochures, signage, stationary, and software packaging. Working from concept paper layouts, to computer page manipulation, to running out film and matchprints, finally producing wetproof mockups, we are able to support all stages of the design process. We have gained hands-on working knowledge of the whole process from initial design to finished product.

We are able to offer the knowledge and experience obtained to help you in the design and production of any of your requirements.

We can offer graphic design on both Macintosh and PC computers - basically what ever your requirements we can accommodate.

Our Business Philosophy
Coe and Coe give emphasis to high-quality design and servicing customers in a professional and efficient manner. We only partner with reputable printers and suppliers, so we have confidence in the finished product and services we offer.

 email:    Coe Graphic2 
 Web:   http://www.coeandcoe.co.uk
 phone: 01489 796136  

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