Galleries Help

On entering the gallery you will be presented with a set of Albums.  Each Album below holds a set of pictures related to the topic. To access an album just click on the relevant thumbnail picture.
A new set of thumbnail pictures will appear, one for each picture in the set.  Also a button, return-to-galleries, will appear. Clicking on this returns to the album choice page.
If you hover the mouse over a thumbnail then you will see a short description.  If the originator has not supplied such a caption, the it will show the name of the relevant file.
To see the original version of the picture, which is usually larger, just click on the relavant thumbnail and the original version will appear in a separate 'pop-up box' overlaying the main window.  This picture will have a Caption on the bottom left, and on the bottom right will be a 'CLOSE X' button.  Clicking on ththe CLOSE X button returns you to the current set of pictures.  However if you hover the mouse towards the left or right hand side of the picture then you will get, if on the left side, a 'PREV' button which allows you to go back to the previous picture.  If the button does not appear then it means you are back to the first picture in the current set.  Hovering the mouse on the righthandside shows the 'NEXT button', which behaves in a similar manner as the PREV button except to move forward through the current set of pictures.
You can also use the Ctrl/n and Ctrl/p keys to advance or go back  -Note 'Ctrl/p' means holding down the "Control" key, often marked as Ctrl, and the "p" keys simultaneously.  Holding down the "Control" key and successively pressing the "n" key will advance rapidly through the pictures.
The software shows up to 10 thumbnails at a time.  If there are more than 10 pictures in a set then the gallery is automatically 'paged' into sets of upto 10 thumbnails/page.  In this case 'Page Selector' buttons will appear below the thumbnails.

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