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Botley Parish Council Co-option                        Botley Logo
There are FOUR vacancies on Botley Parish Council following an uncontested election on 02 May 2024.
The vacancies will be filled by co-option at a Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 11 June 2024.
To obtain an application form please contact the Parish Clerk, email: .
Mrs J Morgan, Parish Clerk         Botley Parish Council,
The Botley Centre, High Street Recreation Ground, High Street,
Botley SO30 2ES      phone: 01489 787181
  The Neighbourhood Plan looks to the future of Botley Parish until 2036.
When Adopted, EBC has to take it into account in Planning Applications and other matters.
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These reports have been sent to the Parish Council.

pdf.pngBNP Chairmans Report 2022-05-11 HOT [Size 35.39 KB] - Created 2022-05-12 - Changed
pdf.pngBNP Chairmans Report 2022-03-09 HOT [Size 25.22 KB] - Created 2022-03-11 - Changed
pdf.pngBNP Chairmans Report 2022-04-14 HOT [Size 205.23 KB] - Created 2022-04-15 - Changed
pdf.pngCouncil Approved Regulation 14 Consultation HOT [Size 260.93 KB] - Created 2023-02-14 - Changed
pdf.pngBNP Chairmans Supplementary Report 2022-03-09 HOT [Size 235.95 KB] - Created 2022-03-09 - Changed