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There are TWO vacancies on Botley Parish Council following an uncontested election on 02 May 2024.
The vacancies will be filled by co-option at a Council meeting to be held on Tuesday 9 July 2024.
To obtain an application form please contact the Parish Clerk, email: .
Mrs J Morgan, Parish Clerk         Botley Parish Council,
The Botley Centre, High Street Recreation Ground, High Street,
Botley SO30 2ES      phone: 01489 787181
  The Neighbourhood Plan looks to the future of Botley Parish until 2036.
When Adopted, EBC has to take it into account in Planning Applications and other matters.
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This location will have details and downloadable documents for Stage 16

pdf.pngBNP Submission Document HOTUPDATED [Size 7.42 MB] - Created 2023-04-11 - Changed 2024-07-01
This is the Botley Parish Neighbourhood Plan Submission Document, referred hereinafter as the Plan.  It has been sent to Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) as Stage 15 of the process of adoption.  Having been accepetd in priciple by EBC it is now formally at Stage 16. In this stage EBC have to consult with various bodies such  utilty compaies, neighbouring Borough Councils and, most importantly, once again with the people of Botley.  The Botley NP  Committee will be assisting EBC in this process.
The Neighbourhood Plan itself is a large document of just over 8 MByte so it may take a time to download.  There are 4 minor corrections listed in the Errata document since it was printed.
At the completion of Stage 16 EBC will appoint a Government Planning Inspector to formally examine the Plan.
When the Inspector is satisfied that the Plan is compliant with Neighborhood Planning requirements, a Referendum of Botley Residents will be carried out by EBC as the final decision process, which is a simple majority of thse who vote in the referendum.  Details of the final referedum will be circulated when dates are known.
If there is a simple majority of those who vote in the referendum then the Plan will become part of the Local Plan when assessing planning applications in Botley.  In this context the Plan seeks to give greater protection from large scale developments.  However a Neighbourhood Plan is unable to declare there will absolutely be no further developments.

Main Index

  1. Foreword ........................................... 3
  2. Introduction ...................................... 5
  3. Neighbourhood Plan Area .............. 6
  4. Key stages in preparing the Plan ... 7
    • Consultation ............................. 8
    • Monitoring the Plan ................. 8
  5. Policies and Objectives matrix ....... 9
  6. History of Botley ............................. 11
    • Recent historic past ............... 12
    • Botley today ............................ 13
  7. Air quality in Botley ........................ 14
  8. Household incomes ....................... 15
  9. Planning pipeline ............................ 15
  10. Local infrastructure ........................ 16
    • Profile of the community ...... 17
  11. Vision and objectives ..................... 20
    • Challenges for Botley ............. 21
    • Vision for Botley ..................... 22
    • Objectives for Botley ............. 23
  12. Policies See opposite for policies index
  13. Community aspirations ................. 90
  14. List of appendices .......................... 91

Policies Index

There are eighteen policies in the Plan as listed below:
  1. Economy policies
    • Policy One: Retention of existing commercial premises page 27
    • Policy Two: Retail development sites page 29
  2. Environment and character policies
    • Policy Three: Local green space page 31
    • Policy Four: Infrastructure investment policies page 40
    • Policy Five: Site for new cemetery page 45
    • Policy Six: Local Settlement Gaps page 46
  3. Development policies
    • Development in Botley page 51
    • Future development page 52
    • Policy Seven: Site One - Woodhill School North page 54
    • Policy Eight: Site Two - Woodhill School South page 55
    • Policy Nine: Site BO3 page 61
    • Policy Ten: Utilities provision page 64
    • Policy Eleven: Flood mitigation and water page 67
    • Policy Twelve: Strategic high and intermediate pressure pipelines page 71
    • Policy Thirteen: Parking standards for residential development page 73
    • Policy Fourteen: Housing mix and affordable housing page 76
    • Policy Fifteen: Built form, design and materials page 81
    • Policy Sixteen: Renewable energy page 83
  4. Traffic policies
    • Policy Seventeen: Parking infrastructure page 85
    • Policy Eighteen: Community infrastructure page 87
pdf.pngExecutive Summary Regulation 14 HOT [Size 1.45 MB] - Created 2022-10-16 - Changed

Basically a summary of the Neighbourhood Plan.  This was circulated to all households in Botley Parish in October/November 2022.

pdf.pngSEA & Sustainability Appraisal HOT [Size 1.49 MB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2023-04-26

The SA process consider ways the Neigbourhood Plan could contribute to improvements in environmental, social and economic conditions.

pdf.pngSustainability Statement HOT [Size 1007.88 KB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2023-04-26

This document assesses the sustainability of the Neighbourhod Plan as positive, negative or no change by use of coloured block diagrams.

Botley Symbol-600dp-large-trans.pngLink to Interactive Map of Botley [Size 0] - Created 2022-10-25 - Changed 2023-04-12

Click interactive map of Botley to view.(opens in a new tab/window)

Use the Scroll wheel on your mouse or the +/- symbols at top left to enlarge/reduce map size. Use left button to drag.

Click onadd layer at top right of interactive map to see overlays of Conservation areas, Policy 3, Policy4, etc.

In Policy 6 (Settlement Gaps) Blue overlay is EBC existing, Purple is NP addition.

pdf.pngGreen Space Maps HOTUPDATED [Size 2.14 MB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed 2024-07-02

Maps showing the 30 local 'green spaces' in Botley Parish. These do not include the Country Park as it is not formally a 'green space'. It does include Play Areas.

pdf.pngSettlement Gap Maps HOTUPDATED [Size 2.42 MB] - Created 2022-10-19 - Changed 2024-07-02

These images give a view of the proposed areas in Policy 6 to be included as additional settlement gaps. (S6)

pdf.pngFlood Zone Maps HOT [Size 3.11 MB] - Created 2022-10-20 - Changed

Maps showing potential Flood Zones in Botley Parish. These are essentially the River Hamble and its tributaries.

pdf.pngBNP Newsletter Article Aug 2022 HOT [Size 30.31 KB] - Created 2023-04-03 - Changed 2023-04-26

This is a copy of the article in Botley News 2023 about the status of the Neighbourhood Plan process at that time.

pdf.pngBasic Conditions Statement NEWHOTUPDATED [Size 727.58 KB] - Created 2024-07-01 - Changed 2024-07-01

This technical 18 page planning document notes conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), with Sustainability aspects (Economic, Social & Environmental), Human Rights, Prescribed Conditions and that it has general conformability with the EBC Local Plan.

pdf.pngConsultation Statement HOT [Size 1.11 MB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2023-04-26

Has general details of the people and organisations who were consulted about the proposed
Neighbourhood Plan.

Also see Consultation Appendix 2 for individual responses

pdf.pngDesignation Map HOT [Size 339.43 KB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2023-04-26

This map is of the entire Botley Parish. It is the formally designated area to which the Neighbourhood Plan applies.

pdf.pngEquality Impact Assessment HOT [Size 418.98 KB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2023-04-26

Clarifies that this NP wouldhavenosignificantimpacton agroupwith protectedcharacteristics

pdf.pngHRA (Habitat Regulation Assessment) HOT [Size 5.35 MB] - Created 2024-04-30 - Changed 2024-04-30

Discusses effect of Neighbourhod Plan on the environment.  It notes that Policies 7, 8 and 9 provide for residential allocation. If no mitigation were applied it  could cause recreational harm to Solent European sites and similar local sites by discharge of nitrates via sewage and runoff.  So mitigation will be required.  This is quite usual for anywhere in Eastleigh. Mitigation is readily available.

pdf.pngAppendix 1 Botley Listed Buildings HOT [Size 121.83 KB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed 2024-07-01

A list of National and Local Listed Buildings.  There are 51 nationally listed buildings in Botley, more than in any other other part of EBC.

pdf.pngAppendix 2 Botley demographic data HOT [Size 263.06 KB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed 2024-07-01

Contains a variety of statistics about Botley Parish compared to Eastliegh Borough and England.  Age, employment and travel are included.

pdf.pngAppendix 3 Community Aspirations HOTUPDATED [Size 166.49 KB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed 2024-07-02

This document lists, in no specific order, the aspirations of the residents of Botley Parish.

These aspirations were gathered from consultations, exhibitions and similar.

pdf.pngAppendix 4 Housing Needs Assessment HOT [Size 953.86 KB] - Created 2022-10-24 - Changed

This document assesses the housing needs in Botley Parish.  It concludes that a strong focus should be placed on delivering more affordable housing, to enable all potential residents to access housing in Botley.

pdf.pngAppendix 6 Strategic Environmental Assessment Report NEWHOT [Size 1.14 MB] - Created 2024-06-22 - Changed

This 58 page report examines the the potential building sites proposed in the Neighbourhood Plan.  After excluding sites already allocated in the EBC Local Plan, it concurs with the Neighbourhood Plan that the two Woodhill School sites, which total 40 dwellings, are the ony viable sites that meet the Strategic Assessment criteria.

pdf.pngAppendix 7 -Design Guide 1HOT [Size 4.33 MB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed 2024-07-01

ThisGuidehas set out to address, and assess, the key factors that combine to make up the essential heritage, characterand appearance of Botley Parish for any future developments.  A significant amout of hertitage and other background material is included.

pdf.pngAppendix 8 Habitat Regulation Assessment HOT [Size 5.62 MB] - Created 2022-10-21 - Changed

This very long document has 387 pages but the part specific to Botley is in the first 26 pages.
After downloading it opens with a blank page!!  And the next page only has a logo at the botttom
It has 5 Appendices.  Appendix 1 is a map of Botley Parish.  Appendix 2 (219 pages) covers relevant conservation information from English Nature and Natural England for this part of Southen England. Appendix 3 (28 pages) relates to the conservation of wild birds and RAMSAR Wetland whilst Appendix 4 (88 pages) is concerned with some rarer fauna and flora. Finally Appendix 5 (22 pages) deals with the Emer Bog Special Area of Conservation.

pdf.pngConsultation Statement Appendix 2 HOTUPDATED [Size 367.11 KB] - Created 2023-04-26 - Changed 2024-07-02

This gives individual responses to the Regulation 14 Consultation

pdf.pngAppendix 9 Local Green Space Map NEWHOTUPDATED [Size 4.57 MB] - Created 2024-07-01 - Changed 2024-07-02
pdf.pngSEA Site Assessments (app 2) NEWHOTUPDATED [Size 168.5 KB] - Created 2024-07-01 - Changed 2024-07-02
pdf.pngAppendix 5 Consultation Statement NEWHOTUPDATED [Size 1.12 MB] - Created 2024-07-01 - Changed 2024-07-02